Designed by DCB founder Dave Hemmingson, the largest model in DCB’s celebrated MSeries offers Class A Surfacing, a first in the performance boat industry. Parametrically math sculpted in Unigraphics NX CAD software with the help of leading automotive-based designer Rod Trenne, the M41 Widebody blends precision engineering and phenomenal styling to create a seamless piece of art.

With the 41-foot catamaran’s deck and hull finished in the virtual world, the data was transferred to a 100-foot 5-axis numerically controlled machine and milled out full size. The result was beyond impressive. Combining the stunning Class A Surfacing—an automotive term for achieving optically and mathematically distortion-free highlights and reflections over a given surface or shape—with exceptional performance at any speed, the M41 is like nothing else on the water.

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  • Length 41′ 1″
  • Max Beam 130″ (10’10”)
  • Cockpit Length 102″
  • Cockpit Beam 89″
  • Deadrise & Transom 14.5°
  • Avg. Weight 9,750lbs
  • Avg. Trl. Weight (3-Axle) 3,000lbs
  • Fuel Capacity 250gal